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New construction is very different from service plumbing or remodel plumbing.  With new construction, the name of the game is speed, efficiency, and strong knowledge of the plumbing code.  We do new construction plumbing for custom homes, ADUs, smaller multifamily units, and subdivisions.  We work with contractors and homeowners to get the plumbing aspect of a new build completed, quickly and efficiently.

Code Knowledge

In new construction plumbing, a strong knowledge of the plumbing code is also essential.  The plumbing code is very complex, with many different rules that all must be combined with each other and with the unique site conditions of each building project.  A new construction project is definitely not a time to have a handyman doing plumbing.  While plumbing may look simple to someone watching, there are hundreds of different rules that govern the correct way to install a plumbing system, each of which has been put in place to avoid serious plumbing issues down the road.  And when your new build is inspected by the city or county, it is essential to have things done right to pass those inspections quickly and keep the process moving.  


We devote a lot of focus to our scheduling process, to make sure we can get to jobs when we’re needed, and focus completely on those jobs until each phase is complete.  We strive to never be the ones holding up the process.  With new construction, time is money, for the homeowner as well as the general contractor.  We pride ourselves on sending the right amount of manpower to each job, with the right skills for that job.  


We strive to provide a bid for any residential job within 24 hours.  If the scope of work is not completely determined, we can provide an estimate to be modified later.  With any scope of work, the more you determine about your plan before the bid is prepared, the more accurate that bid or estimate will be.  Changes to scope of work are the most common cause of cost overruns on new construction projects.  Make sure you take the extra time to figure out all of the details before beginning work.  We strive to work as efficiently as possible and save our customers money, but that is only possible if everyone is clear about the scope of work and the services being provided.

New Construction Plumbers

Don’t put off today what can become a bigger, more expensive issue for you down the road. Have our experts at Precision Plumbing take a look and see if how we can help.

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