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Do you want a bathroom or a kitchen in a new location, or with a new layout?  Are you wondering if your big idea is even possible?  Despite what tv shows would have you believe, remodels are usually not easy, cheap, or fun.  The goal of a remodel is to complete the work as quickly and efficiently as possible, within budget, so that the homeowner can enjoy the final product.  While that may sound simple, there is perhaps no type of construction project where so many things can go wrong as a remodel.   Unexpected conditions, changes to the scope of work, and scheduling issues can all easily cause stress, cost overruns, and delays.  We recommend that all clients who are considering a remodel hire an experienced general contractor to run the work and get a detailed set of plans drawn up.  Hiring a designer is never a bad idea either.  As part of that process, we can consult you on how different plumbing layouts will affect your project scope and cost.  Pricing is another consideration in choosing your contractors and subcontractors for a remodel.   Whether it’s a contractor or a subcontractor, it isn’t a bad idea to get a few different bids for a job.  Consider the whole package that you’re getting as part of that bid though, and not just the dollar amounts.  Different contractors, just like different plumbing companies, offer different levels of support, skill, and experience.  Just as not all plumbing companies are the same, not all general contractors are the same.  Make sure you’re getting the best value for your dollars, not just the cheapest price.


Remodels combine the most challenging aspects of both service plumbing and new construction plumbing.  While the new plumbing system must be up to modern code, the work must be done to fit together with the existing plumbing system and around the existing structure of the house.  Our journeyman plumbers are trained to solve the many problems and challenges that come up during plumbing remodels.  And while many contractors pull off jobs for long periods of time to take care of other ongoing work, we design our schedule so that we can completely focus on each phase of work until it is complete.  We put a lot of planning and management time in to make sure we are never the ones holding up the remodel process.


After your remodel, we are available to answer any questions that may come up for you.  And of course, if there are any issues with the work, we will make it out to you quickly to resolve them.

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Despite what tv shows would have you believe, remodels are usually not easy, cheap, or fun. Have our experts at Precision Plumbing take a look and see if how we can help make it easier.

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