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Even the best plumbing systems develop problems over time, and components wear out and need to be replaced.  Whatever the issue, our plumbing technicians can diagnose and solve your problem.  We will evaluate your issue at no cost to you, then provide a price for your repairs before we begin work.  Plumbing system repairs fall into a few big categories

Bathtub & Shower Plumbing Repairs

There are many components that can fail or wear out on a shower or a tub.  Leaks and drips should always be taken care of right away, as many houses experience water damage from small drips on tub spouts or shower valves.  If you need a tub or shower valve repaired or replaced, we can do that.  Those old two or three-handle valves are no longer up to code, as they don’t provide temperature protection to avoid scalding.  We can help you figure out what would be involved in a replacement with a modern shower valve.  Tub drains and overflows are also very common sources of leaks.  These are also very common where low water pressure is noticed the most.  In addition, if a tub or shower is slowly draining, it might be time to get the drain cleared out to get it draining the way it should.

Bathtub & Shower Plumbing Repairs Eugene OR
Sink and Faucet Repairs Eugene OR

Sink and Faucet Repairs

We regularly replace older faucets that have begun leaking with time. If you notice water in your sink cabinet, that’s something that should be fixed as quickly as possible. Spray hoses on kitchen sinks are a very common culprit of leaks. We have the parts on our fully stocked trucks to replace drain bodies, p-traps, angle stops, and supply lines, all of which are other common sources of leaks. Clogged drains on kitchen sinks are also a very frequent problem, especially on older homes with smaller diameter drainage lines. In the past, it was legal to run kitchen sinks in 1 ½ diameter pipe, but now the code requires a larger 2” pipe to avoid clogging issues. If you suffer from frequent kitchen sink clogs, we can provide you with a quote to upsize that old line.

Toilet Repairs

As toilets age, they often don’t flush as well.  In addition, a lot of the earlier generation of water-efficient toilets weren’t designed as well as the toilets we have today.  If you have a slow flushing toilet, or just need a quick bathroom upgrade, consider replacing those old toilets with a newer model.  Precision Plumbing can supply toilets that have a powerful flush, as well as looking great.  Or if you prefer, you can pick out your favorite model and have us install it for you.  And just like other fixtures, toilets have a variety of places they can leak from.  Whether your toilet is leaking from the tank, the base, or the water supply line, we have the parts we need fix those issues.

Toilet Repairs Eugene OR
Garbage Disposer Repairs Eugene OR

Garbage Disposer Repairs

The main problems garbage disposers experience are either jams or leaks.  If a garbage disposer is overloaded or gets something stuck in it, it will automatically shut off and not work anymore.  We can let you know the proper steps to take, or you can have us come out and fix it for you.  For disposer sizing, consider what you need and how much you use the disposer.  We recommend a 1/3 horsepower or ½ horsepower model for occasional or light use.  If you grind a lot of heavy materials, a ¾ hp or larger would be called for.  And on easily clogged or damaged drain lines, we recommend staying away from disposers altogether.

Laundry Plumbing Repairs

Laundry lines, like kitchen lines, used to be run in smaller diameter pipe than they are today.  The piping used was also often galvanized steel, a material that rusts over time and gets more and more likely to clog.  Many homeowners in this area are upsizing those drains and replacing them with modern plastic plumbing materials, and that’s something we always recommend.  Give us a call, and we can provide you with a quote.

Laundry Plumbing Repairs Eugene OR
Leaky Plumbing Repairs Eugene OR

Leaky Plumbing Repairs

Plumbing systems can leak from water supply lines, drain lines, or from the fixtures themselves.  Even small leaks can cause large amounts of water loss, leading to higher water and energy bills, not to mention substantial property damage.  A small water leak can cause wood, sheetrock, structural components and other building materials to deteriorate, rot, and grow mold.  A waste leak can cause sewage to build up in the home or crawlspace, creating a health hazard as well as damaging the home.  Leaks don’t get better on their own, and the sooner any leaks are taken care of, the better.  We provide skilled technicians that can locate and repair leaks before they cause more problems.

Pipe Repair and Replacement

Low water pressure can be very frustrating. It can result from problems with the fixtures, problems with the old piping in the system, or problems with the pressure coming into the home. We troubleshoot low pressure issues to determine the cause and fix the problem. You don’t need to live with that trickling shower that just doesn’t have enough flow! Many homes in the Willamette Valley were run with galvanized steel water lines, and steel and cast iron drainage lines. These materials are very susceptible to corrosion and rust, causing clogs, low pressure, and leaks. We regularly replace whole or partial house plumbing systems with modern materials to take care of those issues and prevent headaches down the road.
Pipe Repair and Replacement Eugene OR
Clogged Drain Service Eugene OR

Fix a Clogged Drain

Nobody likes clogged drains. If water is not draining down from your sinks, showers, tubs, or toilets, or if water is coming back out of those drains, then you have a clogged drain. We have the necessary tools to handle those clogs and get your drains flowing again. Often drainage issues are a result of waste systems that are poorly designed or installed, or that have worn out with age. We regularly see drainage systems that were installed by well-meaning homeowners or inexperienced handymen, that are causing issues due to incorrect installation. We can take a look and see what is necessary to get things draining properly.

Valve Repair or Replacement

One of the most important components in a plumbing system are the valves that shut off water to your home or to your fixtures. The shutoff valve you should have in your meter box by the street is called the customer shutoff. If you live in Eugene, our local water utility will supply a high quality customer shutoff valve at no cost, and we can install it for you. The valves underneath sinks or toilets on the water supply are known as angle stops or straight stops. These valves are extremely important because in the event of a leak, you want to be able to turn off the water to avoid extensive property damage to your home. A catastrophic leak can release thousands of gallons into your home in a very brief time. If the valves that turn off that water flow don’t work, you’re in trouble!

Valve Repair or Replacement Eugene OR
Water Heater Repair Eugene OR

Water Heater Repairs

If you don’t get as much hot water as you used to, or you aren’t getting hot water at all, then you have an issue with your water heater. We service all types of residential water heaters, and replace heaters when they are at the end of their useful life. Just like anything else, a water heater doesn’t last forever, and many water heaters only last between 10 and 15 years before they need to be replaced. If you’re getting enough hot water, but it takes forever to get to your faucet or your shower, talk to us about recirculation systems. These systems provide hot water much more quickly to your fixtures, eliminating wait time and wasted water. When choosing a water heater, keep in mind that there are substantial rebates for more energy efficient models, both at the state and federal level and through our local utilities.

Residential Plumbing Repairs

Don’t put off today what can become a bigger, more expensive issue for you down the road. Have our experts at Precision Plumbing take a look and see if how we can help.

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